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DIN Task force

(December 2017)
The NA 003-01-14-AA work committee ‘Fittings for the Food Industry’ of the DIN Standards Committee (NAA) – in which LINNEMANN GmbH participates – has approved the following standards for publication by the DIN.


DIN 11853-1 Hygienic pipe screwed connections
DIN 11853-2 Hygienic flange connections
DIN 11853-3 Hygienic clamp connections

The DIN 11853 standard concerns hygiene class H2 and replaces the previous standard from April 2011.

DIN 11864-1 Aseptic pipe screwed connections
DIN 11864-2 Aseptic flange connections
DIN 11864-3 Aseptic clamp connections

The DIN 11864 standard concerns hygiene classes H3, H4 and H5 and replaces the previous standard from November 2008.

Here, we would like to report in extracts on the following point, which is described in all the standards listed above.

Inner and outer surface character
Compared to the previous standards, the table has been expanded and values adjusted.

Inner and outer surface character
Source: DIN

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The description of the articles has been expanded and made more precise in terms of roughness information. The table includes descriptions of related pipe components. As a result, the descriptions of surface requirements have also been standardised. The standard can be obtained from the Beuth Verlag publishing house.

With this information, the articles can now be described more precisely and requested more specifically.