Butterfly- and ball valves

Butterfly valves, ball valves

The fittings are used with process engineering facilities for gaseous and liquid media as well as for bulk goods. Preferential fields of application are vacuum technology, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, plastic industry and power plants.

The described butterfly and ball valves are used in process plants with manual control. The typical media are gases, liquids and also bulk materials. Butterfly and ball valves are used for controlling processes in the chemical industry, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverages industry as well as plastic processing and in power stations.

The ball valves of the ES type are designed in three parts and consist of a valve body and two valve ends which are pulled together by drawing screws and are equipped with a welded end or a female thread. The used gaskets are not FDA-conform.

The ball valves of the EA type were developed for applications in the food industry. The PTFE gaskets are FDA-conform and the welded ends are designed for welding on fittings.

The butterfly valves are also designed for the food industry and have FDA-conform elastomer gaskets of HBNR, EPDM, VMQ or FKM.

Spare parts and accessories belong to the delivery scope of the butterfly valves and ball valves:

  • Bearing bushes
  • Flaps for valves
  • Gaskets
  • Handles
  • Handles stepless
  • Scissor handles
  • Plastic handles
  • Butterfly valve handles for mechanical limit switches
  • Butterfly valve handles for proximity switches horizontal and vertical
  • limit switch
  • Inductive switch
  • Actuator air-air
  • Actuator air-spring
  • Switch cams
  • Action switch