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Delivery Programme

The pipe connection systems, fittings and special designs according to customer specifications or drawings for plant construction of the family company LINNEMANN GmbH, have many advantages.

These become evident above all by the extensive range of material alternatives, etc. so that many application requirements can be met. It is extremely helpful for the designer to have access to a wide range of components from one provider.

The design and material variety can be demonstrated by the main components of pipe connections.

Different demands are made depending on the system beginning with the flange material. Glass is used where process transparency is demanded, approvals for foodstuffs prescribe high grade steel. Aluminium is the lower costs alternative:

  • high grade steel flanges
  • glass flanges/glass blind flanges
  • aluminium flanges

The connection determines the design:

  • Welding flanges
  • Clamp flanges
  • Screw-in flanges

Transitions partly with different standards or cross-sections demand

  • Adapter piece
  • Intermediate piece
  • Reducing piece

Gaskets must be provided according to the adapter systems, pressure conditions or temperatures:

  • NBR gaskets
  • FKM gaskets
  • EPDM gaskets
  • VMQ gaskets
  • PTFE gaskets
  • Silikon gaskets
  • Viton gaskets
  • Metal gaskets
  • Stainless steel gaskets
  • Elastomer O rings
  • Glass angle
  • Glass reducing piece with plastic clamping ring
  • Glass intermediate piece with 2 plastic clamping rings
  • Stainless steel angle with 3 stainless steel clamping rings
  • Glass/metal intermediate piece with a plastic clamping ring
  • Stainless steel - flexible hose
Pipe connection systems
Picture: Fraunhofer IGB, Plasma technique and thin layers, Institute for Interfacial- and Bio-procedure engineering

And in addition to the handling and area of application, the material is also decisive in the choice of clamping rings:

Stainless steel clamping rings for pressure safety

  • Clamping ring FL-Standard
  • Clamping ring FL-Extra
  • Clamping ring FL-Stabil
  • Clamping ring FL-Stabil safety catch
  • Clamping ring FL-Solid

Stainless steel clamping rings for vacuum

  • Clamping ring FL-Compact 20 bar
  • Clamping ring FL-Spezial
  • Clamping ring FL-Optimal (also in aluminium)
  • Clamping ring FL-Massiv
  • Clamping chain FL-Ultra
  • Quick release clamp FL Rekord

Plastic clamping rings in glass pipe systems

  • Clamping ring FL-Optimal KE
Clamping rings
Clamping rings

ISO-K clamping screws etc. for high vacuum strength with large flange diameters

The section diagram of a vacuum pump shows from bottom to top clamping flanges ISO-K with screws, outlets with small flanges KF with clamping ring, butterfly valve bolted with clamping flanges, clamping flange, small flange pipe connections.

clamping screws

Pipe connections

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Vacuum technique

KF Small flange pipe connections
DIN 28403 + ISO 2861 made of stainless steel and aluminium

Vacuum technique

KF Small flange pipe connections
DIN 28403 + ISO 2861 made of glass

Vacuum technique

ISO-K Clamping flange pipe connections
DIN 28404 + ISO 1609

Food technique

Clamp pipe connections
DIN 32676, flange Ø25

Food technique

Clamp pipe connections
DIN 32676, flange Ø34-319

Food technique

Screwed pipe connections
DIN 11851 + SMS

Food technique

Fittings for welding
DIN 11852

Sterile technique

Screwed pipe connections
DIN 11864-1 + DIN 11853-1

Sterile technique

Flange pipe connections
DIN 11864-2 + DIN 11853-2

Sterile technique

Clamp pipe connections
DIN 11864-3 + DIN 11853-3

Sterile technique

Aseptic fittings for orbital welding
DIN 11865

Chemical technique

FLY Clamp pipe connections

Chemical technique

FLW Clamp pipe connections

Chemical technique

Welding neck flanges
EN 1092-1 + ASME

Chemical technique

Fittings for welding
DIN 2605, DIN 2615, DIN 2616, DIN 2617

Chemical technique

Threaded fittings

Bulk materials technique

Tube couplings
and fittings

Bulk materials technique

Pinch valves


Butterfly- and
ball valves

Tank equipment, assembly material

Sampling devices, sight glasses,
cleaning balls, pipe clamps


DIN 11850, DIN 11866, ISO 1127


Food Hoses