Tank equipment, assembly material

Sampling devices, sight glasses, cleaning balls, pipe clamps

Sampling devices, sight glasses, cleaning balls, pipe clamps

The assembly parts are used with the setting up of process engineering facilities, especially with the mounting of tube sytems for gaseous and liquid media as well as for bulk goods. Preferential fields of application are vacuum technology, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, plastic industry, and power plants.

As an addition to the pipe connection systems offered by LINNEMANN, stainless steel brewery fittings such as samplers, sight glasses, spray balls and pipe clips are available. The delivery program also includes the appropriate assembly material. They complete the product range that is required for the installation of tanks and process plants.

These delivery program components are available in many different sizes.

Since the LINNEMANN delivery program offers all the system components from one provider, complete planning security exists in advance already during plant design because materials and dimensions match reliably.

The following belong to the delivery program for assembly and as accessories:

  • Tank equipment
  • Vacuum valves
  • Non return valves
  • Throttle valves
  • Passage filters with accessories
  • Sampling devices
  • Drain valves
  • Cocks
  • Drain cocks
  • Test cocks
  • Cylinder sight glasses
  • Sight glasses
  • Cross sight glasses with accessories
  • Level indicators with accessories
  • Cleaning balls
  • Spherical cap bases
  • Assembly material
  • Hose clips
  • Rosettes
  • Pipe clamps
  • Pipe supports
  • C-spanners
  • Tube sawing tools