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Food Hoses

LINNEMANN hoses are used with process engineering facilities where gaseous, liquid, pasty media as well as bulk goods aretransported via vacuum or overpressure. They are necessarrily required where circumstances ban unflexible stainless steel tubes.
Food hoses LINNEMANN
Food Hoses

hose assembly with clamp collar LINNEMANN hose assembly with clamp collar
hoses with compressed hollow shaf LINNEMANN hoses with compressed hollow shaft
This is the case, for example, at movable system interfaces, on longer conveying lines or at places with difficult access. Rubber, PVC and PTFE hoses are offered. This covers all areas of application in biotechnology, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food and beverages for aseptic and hygienic production. The flexible pipes which may be designed as suction or pressure hoses have fabric or wire inlays for stabilisation depending on the version and an outside cover of rubber, plastic or metal wire mesh as additional outer protection.

Electrically conductive versions are used to prevent static charging. The materials and surfaces are adapted to different loads by abrasive, alkaline or acid media up to alcohols. Typical media are greases, oils, milk, spirits, beer and wine. Assembly with connection fittings, e.g. with ferrules according to DIN 32676, DIN 11851, SMS and DIN 11864-1, -2,-3 takes place optionally with clamping shells, pressing sleeves or clips. It is also possible to clad the hoses with a PTFE liner up to end sealing face.

The user or planner can therefore be sure that he gets the suitable hoses for his requirements and, in addition, the appropriate pipe connections to fit from the same provider.

The program comprises
- Hoses
- Hose connections:
- Hose nozzles DIN 32676
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-1 DIN
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-1 ASME
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-1 ISO
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-2 DIN
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-2 ASME
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-2 ISO
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-3 DIN
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-3 ASME
- Hose nozzles DIN 11864-3 ISO
- Hose nozzles DIN 11851
- Hose nozzles DIN 11850
- Integration shells or shell clips for Hose nozzles
- Hose clamp colars
- Press shell
- Clamps

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