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The Compliance Management by LINNEMANN

Compliance Management at LINNEMANN helps to avoid violations of rules. According to the ISO 37301 standard, LINNEMANN's compliance management system is based on the 5 recommended pillars.

At LINNEMANN, we recognized the requirements. Targets were set and responsibility was not left with a compliance officer to deal with, but every team member was informed and trained. Everyone actively cooperates.

By way of example and without priority, we describe below the topics listed in the Compliance Management System that accompany us in our daily work. This continuity ensures awareness, compliance, review and improvement. In this way, breaches of the rules can be efficiently avoided.

Compliance Risk Management
Within the framework of the Compliance Risk Assessment, LINNEMANN carries out risk analyses as part of its risk management, identifies, assesses and communicates how any hazards can be countered.

Secrecy and confidentiality
Business Secrets Act (GeschGehG)
In compliance with the legal requirements, the LINNEMANN GmbH team is comprehensively informed about the objectives and instructed by means of a work instruction on how to handle business secrets.

CDA – Confidentiality agreement
Confidentiality agreements are not subject to legal regulation. LINNEMANN GmbH has formulated a description for business partners and customers on the observance of confidentiality, communicated it to the team and makes this internal description available for commitment in case of inquiries e.g. on a NDA - Non disclosure agreement. Care has been taken to ensure that the commitments to maintain confidentiality are tenable.

Supply Chain Sourcing Act (LKSG)
From 2023 law, it seemingly only addresses companies with more than 3,000 / 1,000 employees. But we, as an upstream or downstream company, also know about the expectation on SMEs to detect sustainability risks and to act proactively. LINNEMANN GmbH uses the offer of the German government to integrate human rights due diligence processes via the institution "Helpdesk Business & Human Rights".

Code of Conduct
The interaction with each other, the interaction with partners and customers is regulated and described at LINNEMANN GmbH. Some of the principles and the agreed behavior are described in the mission statement. The Code of Conduct is interlinked in the Compliance Management System, e.g. with the Supply Chain Sourcing Act. The code stipulates that child labor is not permitted, and the analyses of the supply chains detect such violations.

Crisis management
Crises do not announce themselves. Crises can have internal and external causes. In order to be able to continue to proceed in a structured manner in the event of a crisis, LINNEMANN GmbH has defined indicators and procedures for various scenarios.