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Schweißfittings DIN 11865 September 2015
Mit Ausgabedatum September 2015 erschien die grundlegend überarbeitete DIN 11 854:2015-09 „Armaturen für Lebensmittel und Pharmazie – Schlauchverbindungen aus nichtrostendem Stahl“

Der Arbeitsausschuss NA 003-01-14-AA „Armaturen für die Lebensmittelindustrie“ aus dem DIN-Normenausschuss Armaturen (NAA) – in dem auch die LINNEMANN GmbH mitarbeitet – überarbeitete gemeinsam mit dem Arbeitsausschuss 104-02-01 AA „Schlauchleitungen“ die DIN 11854:1991-01.

Die redaktionell und inhaltlich grundlegende Überarbeitung weist folgende Änderungen auf

a) Der Anwendungsbereich wurde überarbeitet
b) Ein Abschnitt „Normative Verweisungen“ wurde eingefügt
c) Ein Abschnitt „Begriffe“ wurde eingefügt

Die Norm gilt für Schlaucharmaturen aus nichtrostendem Stahl in Verbindung mit Schläuchen aus Elastomeren mit und ohne Kunststoffinnenschicht (Liner), die zur Herstellung von Schlauchleitungen nach DIN 26055-3 vorgesehen sind. Eingesetzt werden können die Schläuche im Temperaturbereich von −30 °C bis +100 °C und bei einem Betriebsdruck von −0,8 bar (Vakuum) bis 10 bar. Schläuche mit Linern aus Polytetrafluorethylen (PTFE) und Derivaten können für Temperaturen −30 °C bis +140 °C verwendet werden. Die Norm ist ab sofort beim DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. erhältlich.

Armaturen für die Lebensmittelindustrie
Beispiel eines normkonformen
Lebensmittelschlauchs von

» Food Hoses

DIN 11851 July 2013
The decided correction of the DIN 11851 fittings of stainless steel for food and chemicals – pipe screw connections for rolling and butt welding appeared with edition February 2013.

The DIN working committee "Fittings for the food industry" in the fittings standards committee - of which Linnemann is also a member – informs us that changes have been made in DIN 11851. It concerns the standards DIN 11851:1998-11, DIN 11887:1998-11 and DIN 11851:2011-04. For example, the title of a standard was changed, new steel types and the material HNBR were added and dimensions changed. The standard is immediately available from the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

» zum Deutsches Institut für Normung

DIN 11867:2012 November 2012
New DIN 11867:2012-11 Elbows fpr piping systems, welding fittings in stainless steel for aseptic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The DIN task force "Armatures for food industry" within the technical committee "Armatures" - where Linnemann participates - has revised the norm. Compared to the old edition of December 2005, the contents were revised technically and editorially. Thus e.g. ovality clarified, control measures adapted and acceptance criteria listed in ASME BPE included.

SStainless steels fittings DIN 11865 February 2012
New DIN 11865:2012-02 Stainless steels fittings for aseptic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry – Tees, elbows and reducers for welding on.

» Welding fittings DIN 11865
Armatures for food industry
The DIN task force "Armatures for food industry" within the technical committee "Armatures" - where Linnemann participates - has revised the norm.

Compared with the former edition, dtd. January 2003 the technical and editorial content was altered. E.g. the admeasurement for fittings of row C (Tables 3, 6 and 9) was adapted to ASME BPE. The norm is now available at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. "Berlin".

» Deutsches Institut für Normung

Stainless steel fittings DIN 11851 May 2011
New DIN 11851:2011-04 Stainless steel fittings fort he food and chemical industry - Screw pipe connections for expanding and welding.

» Screw pipe connections DIN 11851

The committee „Armatures" - which Linnemann participates - has revised the norm. The old version of November 1998 has been technical and editorial rewrited. Also the norm DIN 11887 „Round thread connections" and blind flanges have been included in the new version. The norm is now available at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. "Berlin".

» Deutsches Institut für Normung


Reliable components for secure process technology – LINNEMANN at ACHEMA 2015

LINNEMANN presented an updated range of products: stainless steel and special material pipe connections and fittings for plant construction for gases, liquids and bulk materials in high vacuum-, chemical-, pharma- and food-industry.

On ACHEMA 2015 the exhibits was combined within miscellaneous appication areas. The following links direct to the respective themes.

Typical pipe connections are
- Clamp flanges
- Vorschweißflansche
- Welding neck flanges
- Threaded flanges
- Tube couplings

The certified company present
pipe connection systems according
national and international standards
as well as internal designed solutions
for different media:
- Gases
- Liquids
- Bulk material
for low- and high-pressure plant
constructions in different industrial
sectors e.g.
- Food
- High pressure
- Chemical
- Pharmacy
- Cryogenic

ACHEMA 2015, Hall 8 / Booth B1

Achema 2012 June 2012
Trade fair review ACHEMA 2012
LINNEMANN GmbH presented components for process technology in plant production with an extended range of articles and service program.

Achema 2012
Pipe connections and fittings as well as a wide range of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and glass accessories were explained by demo solutions structured according to areas of application, tasks and media.

- Vacuum »
- Food »
- Aseptic »
- Chemurgy »
- Bulk material »
- Hoses »

We have put together information packages for the different subject areas to make it easier for our visitors to find information. You can reach the pages directly by the link in the QR code or by selecting the fair topic here.

qr Code Vacuum » to the topic pages
Food » to the topic pages
Aseptic » to the topic pages
Chemurgy » to the topic pages
Bulk material » to the topic pages
Hoses » to the topic pages
Achema 2009 May 2009
Trade fair review ACHEMA 2009
Under the motto “Reliable components for safe process technology” LINNEMANN GmbH presented pipe connection systems, fittings and special products at the ACHEMA for the sixth time.
Achema 2009
The location in Hall 8 again proved to be ideal for potential users. Components were exhibited which were related to the fair topic “Process efficiency for economic utilisation of energy and raw materials”. And the further developments of the LINNEMANN company perfectly fit this bill: Safe components help to save resources and design efficient processes.

Interested parties came from the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, biotechnology and medical technology, the food and beverages industry as well as cryotechnology, semiconductor technology and clean room technology. Different pipe connections, mainly of stainless steel, were presented. The pipe connections are used under vacuum pressure and excess pressure for gases, liquids, pastes or powders in conveying technology, process technology and vacuum technology among other things.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008 August 2011
Recertification according to ISO 9001:2008
On 16th July 2011 TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH certifies Linnemann GmbH once again that the 1996 established quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
Certificate ISO 9001:2008
The certificate confirms that the continuous quality improvement of products and processes is successfully implemented.

It supports a prior-ranking business objective - to meet all customer requirements as far as possible - and optimize the conditions for long-term partnerships.

» Download PDF

Catalog LINNEMANN 2012 August 2012
The 2012 catalog with extended program
The catalog has been extended by 48 pages and reorganized according to areas of application so that the reader can now find the required pipe connections and stainless steel fittings easier and faster.

Hoses LINNEMANN The 2012 catalog is a compendium of pipe connections that are required for building plants in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In chapter I you will find both hoses and the appropriate hose nozzles as well as clamping shells, pressing sleeves and clips. The addition of these articles to the LINNEMANN portfolio offers you even greater certainty in your selection of components. The fittings offered here match the available pipe connections exactly. You can therefore also order hoses in the usual LINNEMANN quality together with your other pipe connection requirements from now on.

The hose connections offered here fit the offered pipe connection systems exactly. You can therefore also order hoses in the usual LINNEMANN quality from now on.

We will be glad to send you the catalog on request. Until you receive your copy, you can find out about the new products in the scroll catalog which you can find by clicking on
"Page Flip catalog" in the navigation on the left.Catalog 2012

Onlineshop LINNEMANN April 2011
Komfortabel zu bedienen
With the usual structure and clearly handling your Linnemann Online Shop presents a new outfit.

The increasing use of the convenient order via the shop has required some structural and organizational changes that were implemented with the new shop. Thereby we have placed great importance that the design and structure corresponds to this of the printed catalog. So it´s easy for you to look for something quick in the new shop.

Note to users who had already used the previous shop and have
existing login data:
Please note that the customer now login as user with his e-mail address. If you have a password it remains valid and give access. If you have no access, you will get a new password, if you send us an e-mail.

Onlineshop LINNEMANN Onlineshop LINNEMANN Bei jedem Schritt Ihrer Bestellung werden Sie über die getätigte Eingabe informiert und erhalten zum Schluss eine Gesamtübersicht. Änderungen sind jederzeit möglich.

» to Onlineshop

Catalog 2010 LINNEMANN April 2010
Catalog 2010 printed and electronic
Now you get even faster to the desired information. Open the “flip page catalog” and enter for example the required items or kind of material or title of a standard.
Catalog 2010 LINNEMANN
The first result is an overview that shows all flip pages on which your search term was found. Then one click more and you are on target. - Of course you can print the pages as well.

Hot off the presses is the new catalog also "to touch and browse in it" ready for you. With an expanded and updated program, you will find as usual all structured according to your tasks. Upon request, we will send you a copy of the catalog.

» to flip page catalog

September 2014
In the September 2014 issue the magazine "Process" reports on subject "Spannen statt Schrauben"
August 2014
In the August 2014 issue the magazine "CAV" reports on subject "Spannen geht schneller als Schrauben"
July 2014
In the July issue "KEM" reports on
"Advatages of clamp pipe connections"
June 2014
In the June issue the magazine "Molkerei Industrie" reports on "Spannen geht schneller als Schrauben"
February 2014
In the February issue the magazine "Next" reports on
"Clamp-Verbindungen für große Durchmesser"
January 2014
In the January 2014 issue the magazine "Process" reports on subject "Quetschventile sicher integrieren"
November 2013
In the November 2013 issue the magazine "MM-Maschinenmarkt" reports on subject
"Dead storage free pinch valves allows undisturbed media flow"
August 2013
In the July / August 2013 issue the magazine "Verfahrenstechnik" reports on subject
"Clamp-connections - Wide range"
July 2013
In the July 2013 issue the magazine "Chemie Technik" reports about "The pipe connection system FLW for large diameters"
June 2013
In the June 2013 issue the magazine "scope" reports about "The pipe connection system FLW for large diameters"
May 2013
In the May 2013 issue the magazine "bbr" reports about
"The pipe connection system FLW - Secure connection of large diameters"
January 2013
In the January 2013 issue the magazine "Brauwelt" reports about "Clamping flanges for large Vacuum lines"
December 2012
In the December 2012 issue the magazine "Molkerei" Industrie reports about "Clamping flanges for large Vacuum lines"
November 2012
In the November 2012 issue the magazine "Pharma Food" reports about "Secure integration of flexible hose lines"
May 2012
in the may 2012 issue the magazine "LABO" reports about "Flange pipe connections for vacuum made of glass"
March 2012
"VERFAHRENSTECHNIK" reported in the march 2012 issue about "Glass fittings "
October 2011
In the october 2011 issue of the magazine "GETRÄNKEINDUSTRIE" is reported
"Tolerate pressure and stay tightly arranged"
February 2011
In the february 2011 issue of the magazine "CAV" is reported "Detachable flange connections"
June 2010
In the june issue 2010 of the magazine "Scope" is reported about "Clamping rings"

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